Jogging Exercise Plan for Beginners; A Complete Guide For The Jogging And Running Beginners

Jogging Exercise Plan for Beginners
Jogging Exercise Plan for Beginners

Although there is no need for jogging exercise equipment or trainers for jogging exercise. But before the start of jogging, you should learn about a perfect jogging exercise plan for beginners.

It is because before the start of jogging you should know the basic tips to start jogging. Such as, how to start jogging for new joggers? How to start jogging for a jogger who has to restart jogging after some time.

Furthermore, you should know how to start jogging and how to end it. It means to know about the warming of the body process before the start of jogging. On the other side, cooling down process of the body at the end of jogging.

In the same way, different exercises during the process of jogging. In short, you must know the jogging exercise beginners plan before you start jogging.

Step One: Physical Fitness of Body

Before the start of jogging, you should first of all examine your body be self. If you are physically fit then you should start jogging without any delay.

But on the other side, if you are facing any physical injury or another disease which can hurt you during jogging, then you should, first of all, go to physical health experts who can guide you on how to start jogging?

You should keep in mind that before the start of jogging you should wait for a yes from a physical health expert.

Jogging Dress

After you clear the stage of physical fitness. Later on, you should pay heed to your jogging dress. It is because jogging dresses are equally important for you as your physical fitness as well as jogging exercises.

First of all, you should wear good jogging shoes. Because jogging shoes are very much important and help you during jogging as well as jogging exercises.

Your jogging shoes do not have any kind of wear and tear. They must be in proper shape and condition.

Furthermore, you should also manage proper joggers for jogging. Because during jogging you have to move your body in different angles. And there is a need for a proper elastic jogger. So, you should wear a jogging dress which suits your jogging exercises.

Jogging Plan for Beginners

First of all, here we will discuss the queries of jogging beginners which are in numbers. Such as, what is the running schedule for beginners? Do you think a 12-week running program for beginners is good? How running for beginners weight loss? What is the weekly running plan? What are the running tips for beginners? And what are the running plan or running for overweight beginners?

Here you are going to learn all about the above-mentioned queries. As every one of us want to know the running plan or jogging plan for the beginners.

First Week Jogging Plan

The first week’s jogging plan is the most important part of the jogging plan. Because during this time period you have to prepare yourself for the rest of the week.

During the first week, you should start by stretching the body. After this, you should start jogging with 2 to 3 minutes of warming of the body. After this, you should for 10 to 15 minutes.

At the end should also cool down the body after the end of jogging process.

Second and Third Week Jogging Plan

Moreover, during the first week of jogging your body has been prepared for the intense work. Therefore, after the first week, you should start jogging with 4 to 5 minutes of warming of your body.

Later on, you should jog for 15 to 30 minutes. And this 30 minutes of jogging is very good for your health.

In the end, you should also cool down your body for 3 to 4 minutes. You should remember that warm-up of the body and cooling down the body is very much important for proper jogging and getting maximum benefits from it.

This second phase of jogging is very much important which plays a significant role in strengthening your body and keeping you healthy.

Fourth to Sixth Week Jogging Plan

The fourth to sixth week of jogging is also the mature period of jogging exercise. During this exercise process, you are getting the benefits of your jogging exercise.

During the start of the fourth week of jogging, you should warm up your body for 5 to 6 minutes. After this, you should jog for 30 to 45 minutes.

Furthermore, you should continue this jogging plan for 3 continuous weeks from the 4th to 6th week. In this way, you will enter the new phase of jogging.

Here you will get ultimate output from jogging. But you should take care of your health as well along with the jogging exercise. And if you feel any negative change to your body. Then you should stop jogging and must consult with your physical health expert.

Seven and Eighth Week Jogging Plan

Seven to eight weeks of jogging plan plays a very important role in making your body strong and healthy for longer for life. Furthermore, during this jogging plan period, you should jog for 50 minutes. You may enhance the jogging time period here. But you should focus on the intensity of jogging.

Similarly, jogging lovers should also keep their diet healthy and continuously hydrate their body.

Bottom Line

Jogging exercise plan for beginners is very much to form in a detailed way. You should form a jogging plan before the start of jogging. First consult with a physical health expert, then manage proper jogging dress and at the end continuously jog.

How should a beginner start jogging?

Beginners should start jogging after making a jogging plan. There is a need of focusing on differences. Because without planning jogging restrains you get the proper benefits.

How long should you run as a beginner?

As a beginner, you should start jogging by dividing the jogging plan into different weeks. And start jogging first of all with a small amount of time and later on enhance the time of jogging.

How can a beginner get better at running?

Consistency is the key to get maximum benefits from running exercise for a beginner. You should keep sticking with your jogging or running plan.

How do I start running when unfit?

You should first of all start jogging in place exercises at home. After this when you feel some relief, then you should start jogging or running in a proper way.

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