How to Start Jogging When You are Overweight

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How to Start Jogging When You are Overweight
How to start jogging when you are overweight

Start jogging when you are overweight need due care. Because if you do not pay attention to proper techniques of jogging you may change the shape of your body into rough form. Hence, Obesity or overweight is a phenomenon which is not liked by every one of us. And to overcome this bodily situation is not a difficult task. In addition, having overweight is not good for a healthy life.

Additionally, jogging has lots of benefits for weight loss. It burns enough fats from your body that does not allow your body to accumulate fat.

Moreover, your weight must be according to your height which is set by the physical health experts after a deep analysis of the human body. And such people whose weight is lower or higher than their height, so, this scenario results in different kinds of diseases and changing the shape of the human body due to an imbalance in body weight. Additionally, jogging has lots of benefits for the heart as well as for the brain. and these two parts of the body also play a key role in the health of the human body.

Traditional Techniques of Fat Burning

There are five (05) common tips which are followed by people generally to overcome obesity. Firstly, they start dieting i.e. start eating less. Secondly, people start light and smart walk at any time of the day or during the night time. Thirdly, overweight people stop eating sugar items. Fourthly, people start the gym. And lastly, they start different weight losing beverages.

These things may or may not help in overcoming obesity. But people generally do not follow the proper way to burn their extra weight. They do not perform these activities in their original way. As a result, these smart exercises or activities do not work a lot for burning calories.

Here you are going to know very important information about burning calories or fat. furthermore, this information is equally good for overweight people as well as for smart people for leading a healthy life.

How to start jogging when you are overweight or obese

First of all, you need to know the weight of your body as well as the length of your body. Because it is very much necessary for a proper start. In this way, jogging can benefit your brain as well as to your heart.

Here is a link of Weight-Height Calculator to know the exact combination of Weight to Height

Click on the Image Below to calculate you weight and height combination

How to Start Jogging When You are Overweight
How to Start Jogging when you are Overweight

Steps to follow Or How to Start Jogging When You are Overweight

Jogging for Beginners

If you are a beginner, then you must take care before starting the jogging to reduce your weight. The most important thing is that you should analyze yourself. Are you fit for jogging, walking, or running?

A jogging or running plan for obese beginners must be started after the proper analysis of body needs. One should check the combination of his weight and height before the start of jogging or running.

How to Start Jogging When You are Overweight
How to start jogging when you are overweight
Consult with your Doctor

Have you consulted any doctor for the start of jogging? Have you found any type of disease in your body, like Hernia, heart problem, or any other such type of disease? Because doctors often stop people from tough physical exercises who are facing these types of diseases.

Similarly, if your doctor recommends you pass through the process of body stress test to assess the capability of your body to bear the stress of jogging or running. Then you must follow this advice to protect your body from any serious issue like cardiovascular stress or pain while jogging.

On the other side, physical appearance is as necessary for beginners as the health of the body. You should wear proper jogging shoes before you start jogging to reduce your weight. Moreover, there is also a need for a proper jogging suit. Because you do not follow these points, there are chances of change in the shape of your body as well as injuries and body parts’ pain may happen to your body.

Perfect Shoes for Jogging for Overweight People

Every one of us knows that feet and legs are the primary organs of the human body which help in jogging, walking, or running. Therefore, there is a need to pay heed to them. Before go for jogging the overweight or obesity affected people first of all should wear proper jogging shoes.

If you do not have perfect jogging shoes and you are overweight. Then it is very much necessary for you to wear proper shoes. It is because for obese people maintaining their balance during running is very much difficult. And if you have worn improper shoes then it becomes more difficult for you to jog properly.

Likewise, not wearing proper jogging shoes results in joints injuries, feet problems, and other bodily complexities. You need shoes with extra cushioning as well as with good arch support, or some other unusual feature. It is because shos are the primary thing in jogging which helps you in different ways.

Hence, arranging perfect jogging shoes is the second most important step which must follow by fat people before starting jogging to lose weight. Furthermore, you also need to change your shoes every 300 to 500 miles. And this thing may vary according to the terrain you jog or run on as well as the way you jog.

How to Start Jogging When You are Overweight
How to start jogging when you are overweight
How to Move forward your Jogging

After you fulfill the pre-requisite of jogging the next level is physically starting your jog to overcome the issue of extra fat in your body. This part of reducing weight through jogging is the most important part of your physical activity for eradicating the overweight issue.

Following are the main jogging/running techniques for overweight people

You need to start from Small

If you are overweight and going to start running or jogging, then you must start from small work. Because sudden heavy and longer jogging will result in exhaustion of your body and maybe injury of some part of the body. It is because when you remain inactive for a longer period then your body muscles are not in the mood of bearing extra stress. So, you must start from small work and with the passage of time you should enhance the time period of jogging.

likewise, jogging has lots of benefits for overweight or obese people. Along with the burning of fat, jogging has countless benefits for the heart and brain. But the main thing is that people often ask, how to start jogging when you are overweight. So, starting with small physical activity is the right answer to this question.

10 Minutes Jogging

In the beginning, you just need to warm up your body for the future lengthy and tough running or walking. Before jogging, if you stretch your body for a while then it will be very fruitful for your body. But at the start, you just need to jog or run for 10 to 15 minutes only.

30 minutes jogging

After a month you can enhance the time period of your jogging. And from 10 minutes, now you should turn to 30 to 40 minutes jogging. Because now after month your body has started bearing extra pressure of jogging and walking.

A small pause of 2 to 3 minutes is necessary during jogging and running. Because in this way your body does not exhaust and you can replenish the energy of your body in a while.

Moreover, some people try to get to the point where they can run uninterruptedly without walk halts. Others choose to stick with jog/walk as a long-term plan, using breaks such as jog 3 minutes/walk 2 minutes or jog 4 minutes/walk 1 minute.

Next Level of Jogging to Reduce Fat

Here start the jogging plan after two (02) months. At this level, the endurance level of your body has enhanced. Now the muscles of your body, especially of legs and thighs have adopted a new routine. And they have become strong enough to bear enough stress.

So, once you cover your initial level of jogging after 2 months then there is a need for increasing the length of your jogging and putting more and more stress on your body but slowly not abruptly. Now is the time after two months that you should enhance the time period of your jogging/running to reduce the fat from your body.

This increase in the time period will result in consuming more calories of your body which further reduce your extra weight. In this way, by following this technique one can easily reduce weight within a few months.

At this level, you can enhance the time period of jogging for one hour and can take 2-3 breaks of 2 to 5 minutes

How you can Motivate Yourself for long Jogging/Running

Jogging, running, and walking for a longer period is a very difficult task. That is the reason people cannot adopt this activity for a longer period.

But here are the top strategies which we are going to share with you for your better health and for reducing your weight in months as well as adhering you to jogging for a longer period.

These strategies to adhere you to Jogging for a longer period are as Follows

  • Sometimes follow your mood of running
  • Do not put extra pressure on your body
  • Go for jogging with some buddy
  • Rewarding yourself
  • Setting a specific goal during jogging/running
  • Noting your daily or weekly progress.
  • Watching videos on Jogging benefits for weight loss as well as for a healthy life.

Getting your Weight loss Goals

Jogging, running, and walking is a perfect and natural way of reducing your weight. On the contrary, reducing your weight through medicines or through any other technique is not good for health as well as they may be dangerous for your body.

One important thing to note during jogging to lose weight is that you should take care of your balanced diet. You should eat all the necessary food which is necessary for a healthy life.


Overweight is a common phenomenon in the modern world. The modern technologies have made the life of people so luxurious that people do not work hard which result in the common problem of obesity in the world.

Jogging is one of the best ways to reduce or overcome the issue of overweight among men and women. So, you can adopt this physical activity to solve the issue of obesity or overweight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal to put on weight when you start running?

putting on weight when you are going for jogging varies from person to person. For a new jogger it is not good, But for a person who goes regularly for jogging and his muscles can bear the extra burden. For such type of Jogger putting on weight may prove useful.

Is it safe to jog when overweight?

there is a need for consulting with a physical health expert before start jogging. Because there is a need for some precautions which are mentioned in the above article.

How should a beginner start jogging?

For the beginners its is necessary to start with small work. It means starting jogging with 10 minutes and then extending the time period up-to 20 minutes of jogging as well as 30 minutes of jogging.

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