Jogging Exercises for Beginners; A Complete Guideline

The start of a job matters a lot. Therefore, before jogging one should must learn the pre-requisites of jogging. Jogging Exercises for beginners are mazing to know.

Jogging exercises for beginners
Jogging exercises for beginners

There are number of jogging exercises for beginners. And one should well aware to all of these jogging exercises. Because after learning and practicing these initial exercises one can bring a very positive change in his body. So, here you are going to learn jogging exercises for beginners.

Like many other technical and non-technical things. Jogging is although a simple physical workout. But we must know about the basic things regarding jogging. For instance, jogging exercises for the beginners, time period of jogging and benefits of jogging for human body. So, here you are going to learn all about the jogging exercises for the beginners. Like how to start the jogging exercises by the beginners. Which steps are important to note etc.?

Before starting jogging the people should first start with small physical workout to warm up the body. These small moves of body are necessary to prepare the body for further hard work out.

Secondly, stretching of legs, arms and upper abdomen part of body is necessary. It is because you first awake your body muscles for tough work ahead. If you start jogging without stretching or small other exercises, then it may hurt your body in different ways.

Moreover, stretching of body or doing small exercises, such as, sit-stand, chin ups and pushups definitely put some pressure on muscles. It also help you in relieving your body during and after the jogging.

Practical Examples of Jogging Exercises for the Beginners

Jogging beginners want to know lots of things before the start of jogging. For instance, they want to ask such questions as

There are lots of pre jogging exercises which must follow to start a healthy jogging ahead. These jogging exercises are as follows: How to jog for beginners? Jogging tips for beginners. Jogging for beginners weight loss. Jogging for beginners schedule. Jogging benefits. running for beginners. Jogging tips for beginners lose weight and How to start jogging at 40?

All these questions are answered in the below mentioned part. So, follow these below mentioned tips or exercises before the start of jogging. Because jogging has lots of benefits for lungs, for your body as well as for your heart.

Bending your body forward and touching the toe of your foot is one of the jogging exercise. You can start your jogging from this initial jogging exercise.

Similarly, rotating your body right and left while standing at the same position is also useful jogging exercise for the beginners.

Push-ups is also ranked at number third very good jogging exercise. It puts some pressure on your abdomen and arm muscles to prepare them for jogging.

Continuously sit-stand exercise also bring warm to your body. And this warm is necessary for the jogging beginners.

Jogging exercises for beginners
Jogging exercises for beginners

Before you get started jogging

If you have some medical problem then first of all get medical clearance from your doctor for jogging. Because in some cases or diseases you resting at home is more beneficial for you as compared to walking, jogging or running.

If you are clear from medical side, then first of all write down your two month jogging plan which is important. Because you should know that what is the path of your future plan.

Furthermore, most importantly, start with small is the key to success in jogging. Thus, instead of starting with intense physical workout i.e. jogging. Start with small work and for small period of time. Especially if you are starting jogging first time in your life. Similarly, if you are going to restart jogging exercise after many months or year. You should start carefully and with smart work. Because sudden pressure on your body parts is not good for you.

To get ready for Jogging Exercises

Luckily, you do not need any high quality technical equipment for jogging. But you must need a proper shoes for jogging. It prevents you from any possible injury of legs and foot.

For the purpose of buying jogging shoes you must consult with the expert of such person who know about perfect jogging shoes. On the other side, one should also avoid wearing worn-out shoes even they are able to wear. Because these shoes may bring injury to your foot. So, you should change your shoes after every 350 to 400 miles.

Furthermore, most importantly, along with good jogging shoes you should also wear proper jogging cloths. Very tight and narrow jogging dresses are not good for getting the optimum benefits of jogging exercises. This thing may result in reshape of your body. One should know how to dress for cold weather jogging and hot weather jogging.

8-Week Jogging Beginners Plan

First week:

Walk for 3 minutes, then go for jogging for 5 minutes. And repeat the same sequence for three times. Moreover, follow this while sequence for the first week.

Second Week:

Walk for 4 minutes. And then start jogging for 7 minutes. Moreover, repeat the same sequence three times as well as also repeat the same sequence for the entire week.

Third Week:

Walk for 5 minutes, the jog for 10 minutes. And repeat the same sequence for three time. Furthermore, follow the same sequence throughout the week.

Fourth Week:

Walk for 7 minutes, the start jogging for 15 minutes. Also repeat the same sequence for three times during jogging. Moreover, the same jogging style for the entire fourth week.

Fifth Week

Walk for 5 minutes and then jog for 18 minutes. Repeat the same process for three times and also follow the same exercise during fifth week.

Sixth Week

During the sixth week your body has been prepared for the tough work. So, you should limit you walk time and try to enhance the jogging time according to the plan.

So, walk for 3 minutes and jog for 20 minutes. And repeat the process for three times. In addition follow this plan during the entire sixth week.

Seventh Week

During the seventh week you have reached just near to your mature jogging plan. Start with 2 minutes walking, the jog for 25 minutes and repeat the process for three times. Moreover, follow this plan during the entire seventh week.

Eighth Week

It will be the first week from where you will start you jogging first. Here you plan of jogging has reached at maturity level. Now you jogging plan prepares you for jogging directly without any prior walk. And now you can enjoy your jogging plan for many years.

By following this jogging plan for the beginners, soon you will feel change in your mind. In addition, you will also feel freshness of mind and lightness in mood due to jogging exercises.

More Key Tips for Jogging Beginners

First of all use your breathe as a guiding instrument. While jogging you should talk with some buddy or passerby. And if you maintain you breathe while talking, then you are on the right direction. Moreover, do not worry about your pace per mile. The can improve with the passage of time through routine jogging.

The most important thing while jogging is that make sure you are breathing in through your mouth and nose and breathing out through your mouth only. And proper deep belly breath will help in your daily life belly maintenance.

Do not drink plenty water at the start of your jogging, running or walking? Whereas, you should drink water at the end of you jogging to rehydrate the body. Although, you can take little sips during the walk if you feel dry throat or dry mouth.

After jogging or post-jog is the perfect time to stretch the different body parts. As your body is warm and you can easily bring flexibility in different parts of your body.

Generally Asked Questions by the Jogging Beginners

Majority of the beginners of jogging always try to know the basic things of jogging. And they search on internet regarding the beginning steps of jogging. Moreover, they also ask such questions.

First of all, how often should a beginner jog? What is a good jogging speed for beginners? Can you lose belly fat by jogging? Is jogging for 30 minutes a day enough?

First of all, jogging one in a day i.e. during morning time or evening time is enough. There is no need to jog for two times a day. Secondly, for jogging speed. At the initial stage the jogging lover should start with small work. For example, jog with the speed of 1 kilometer in 12 to 15 minutes. In this way, with the passage of time one can reduce the time period while covering a kilometer distance.

Secondly, according to the experts, jogging is one of the best physical workout to burn the belly fat or to reduce the obesity. By starting a regular jogging for enough time period people can burn their enough calories per day. Because jogging puts enough pressure on your belly as well as other fatty parts.

Lastly, jogging for 30 minutes a day is the ideal time period. And majority of the people in current day are following this span of time for jogging. Because this time period is the most appropriate for burning body fat. Furthermore, 30 minutes of jogging is also good for human health.

Bottom Line

Before starting jogging you should know how to start it. Because start of every things matter a lot. There are lots of jogging exercises for the beginners, like push-ups, stretching the body parts and bending your body in front as well as back side. One should must perform different jogging exercises before one goes for jogging.

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