How to Lose Weight Jogging

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How to Lose weight jogging
How to lose weight jogging

Jogging is a very popular form of physical activity which is also common among all age groups. Furthermore, this is also one of the simplest forms of exercise which need the only movement of your body and no equipment is necessary for it.

In the modern world, many people ask questions regarding the benefits of jogging for the human body. For instance, how to lose weight jogging? So, the simple answer to the question is that jogging reduces your weight by burning the fat from your body by putting extra pressure on your muscles. This extra burden on your muscles consumes more energy. In this way, fat does not accumulate in your body.

Prerequisite of Jogging

Here are some of the important basics which one should know before beginning of jogging.

How to Lose weight jogging
How to lose weight jogging


The first thing to follow is that beginners of jogging should start with 4 to 5 days a week. In this way, one can get enough time for recovery of body energies.

Warm up:

Before jogging it is very much important to warm up your body as well as to stretch the body for further jogging exercise. In this way, one can prepare the body for coming stress on muscles. Furthermore, this thing also saves your body parts from any inner injury and sudden pain.

Cool Down:

Likewise warm-up of the body; cooling down is as necessary for your body. for this purpose, one should start walking just 5 minutes before the end of jogging to cool down the body.


After the end of jogging one should avoid sitting just under the fan air or in the air conditioning room as well as in the heating place. These things affect the health of your body.

Furthermore, you can drink water as you can to replenish the energy and water demands of your body.

How Jogging lose weight for beginners?

How long should I jog to lose weight? Can you lose belly fat by jogging? Is running 30 minutes a day enough to lose weight. These all are also pertinent questions that are thought by the jogging beginners before they start this exercise.

Beginners should start jogging at a slow pace and for a smaller period of time. Such as, during the first week one should jog for 10 minutes. This thing does not put sudden pressure on your muscles which is good for your health as well as for weight loss through jogging.

In the following stage which is stage two for jogging beginners, one should enhance the time period from 10 to 20 minutes of jogging. Similarly, one should try to put an extra burden on muscles slowly. And this process should continue for the next 20 days.

In the last third i.e. final stage, the joggers should enhance the time period from 30 minutes or whatever time period easy for him/her according to easiness. Likewise, he should also put extra stress on the body for losing weight.

This is the perfect process of jogging for beginners. And lots of jogging experts support this framework of jogging for beginners.

Best Jogging Plan

Jogging like many other physical activities needs proper attention. Although there is no need for proper instructions or a trainer, still you need to follow something and similarly, there is a need for avoiding many things during this physical activity i.e. jogging.

Week One

4 to 5 minutes warming up of body

10 minutes of jogging

3 to 5 minutes of cooling down through walking

Total 17 to 20 minutes of jogging activities

Week Two

5 minutes of warming up of body.

12 to 15 minutes of jogging.

5 minutes of cooling down process i.e. walking.

Total jogging of 22 to 25 minutes

Week Three

5 minutes of jogging.

20 minutes of jogging activity.

5 minutes of cool down process.

Total 30 minutes of jogging process.

Week Four

5 minutes of warm up process.

30 minutes of jogging.

5 minutes of cool down process.

Total 40 minutes of jogging.


This jogging plan is perfect for all the jogging lovers. Because it provides you one of the best time table for jogging. The best time for jogging is the morning time just before the sun rise according to the majority of the jogging experts. But you can select your time of jogging according to your easiness.

It does not allow your body to accumulate fat.

Jogging is such type of physical activity which burn your fat by consuming more calories from your body. If you are resting and do not go for jogging; you are consuming less energies of yours.

On the other side, if you engage yourself in some physical activity i.e. jogging, walking, or running, you are burning more calories/energies of your body. In short, jogging burns your fat and reduce the chances of obesity.

It consumes more calories from your body.

The amazing thing about jogging is that burns maximum calories from your body than most of the physical activities, like walking and yoga.

In this way, it helps in reducing your overall body weight, reduce your belly weight and hips fat among women.

By and large, jogging has lots of benefit for men and women in different perspectives and in different ways.

It activates your dormant muscles which start drawing energies.

Jogging reactivates your dormant or inactive muscles which do not work previously due to not performing some physical activities, like gym, jogging, walking, and running.

In the modern-day, hundreds of thousands of people work in offices for hours while sitting in the same places. This type of daily routine of people creates inactiveness of some part of the body or muscles. And this type of inactivity of the body brings a lethargic attitude.

In this situation, jogging is the perfect remedy for you to bring activeness in your body and freshness to your mind.

It burns fat from you belly.

Belly fat is a widespread problem, especially among men and generally among women. This is a very annoying situation for men. Because it on the one side affects the personality of people. And on the other side, it also brings many types of diseases for people.

In this situation, i.e. belly fat, jogging is the perfect physical activity which reduces fat from your belly. Jogging burns fat from the belly by consuming more calories.

Some people ask the questions; is jogging or running 30 minutes a day enough to lose weight?

It reduces fat from female hips.

Jogging is as useful for hips fat as it is good reducing belly fat. Fat on the hips of women has sometimes created a bulky body that is not liked by many women.

So, jogging is the suitable physical exercise which can burn fat of hips especially among women.

Jogging has many other bodily health benefits.

Jogging has lots of benefits for your body. It is a very amazing physical activity which gives you benefits in different ways. We often hear jogging benefits for the body, jogging benefits for bones, jogging benefits for heart, jogging benefits for lungs, jogging benefits for skin, and jogging benefits for the brain. These are the most common benefits of jogging for every age group of people.

Similarly, other such types of queries which are asked by many of us are; how to jog properly to lose weight? Jogging for beginners to lose weight. How to lose weight fast? And the best type of jogging/running to lose weight.

These all the above-mentioned queries and statements show the wideness of this topic i.e. jogging as well as its importance for the people.

Jogging is a very healthy and beneficial exercise for men and women equally. It protects your body from different diseases in different ways.

Bottom Line

Jogging is a very simple and unique physical activity to lose weight. You can easily go jogging and you do not need any equipment to perform this exercise. Moreover, the Benefits of joggings are in numbers. For instance, jogging benefits for heart, jogging benefits for the brain, jogging benefits for weight loss, jogging benefits for skin, and jogging benefits for lungs. All these are the prominent benefits of jogging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lose weight by jogging 30 minutes a day?

According to many physical health experts, it is guaranteed that 30 minutes of jogging burns 200 to 500 calories. So, 30 minutes of jogging is the best time for weight loss.

What happens if you jog everyday?

Everyday jogging or running may result in overuse injuries. Overuse injuries occur when you do not give rest to your body as well as different body muscles/parts. Hence, everyday jogging is not necessary for healthy life. You must take rest at least once in a week.

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