Running for Weight Loss Beginners, Best Plan to Lose Weight

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Running for Weight Loss Beginners
Running for Weight Loss Beginners

If you are a beginner and want to reduce your unwanted weight. Then this piece of writing is going to be proved a very helpful guide for you. You just need to follow the tip and tricks step by step. So, here we are going to introduce you to ‘running for weight loss beginners which are based on authentic and reliable information.

Running for weight loss is a very amazing physical activity. And it is one of the best aerobatic exercises which helps you in burning your calories which further results in weight loss. All you need is consistency in your running.

Although there is no rocket science to know about the running. But you will run in a different way after reading this and even enjoy all the way of running.

Most Important Thing to Know

The most important things for the runner beginners who want to lose their weight is the timing of running as well as a diet plan. These two things are mentioned in the start to get the attention of beginners towards a very important journey. Because health is very much important for you. And bulky, overweight and fatty people cannot spend very healthy as well as full of enjoying life.

There are lots of questions of overweight people which they must want to ask before the start of the journey of running. These questions are:

How to lose weight running?

What are the running weight loss tips?

Does running help you lose weight?

What is the running schedule for weight loss?


The majority of the researchers say that in order to lose one pound per week, you need to uphold a 3,500 calorie deficit. That means your running plan for weight loss wants to clock you in at about negative 500 calories in a day.

Best Running Plan for Beginners to Lose Weight

Below mentioned running plan is the best running plan for beginners to lose weight. You just need to adhere to this plan. After following this plan for a week you will feel a change in your body weight, mood as well as structure of your body.

Start with a Brisk Walk

You must start your running with a brisk walk. And start preparing your body for the intense running ahead. Because the sudden burden on the body in the shape of intense running will certainly result in the body as well as muscle pain.

2 Minutes of Jogging and 10 Minutes of Running (1st week)

The beginners should start running with 2 minutes of jogging and 10 minutes of running for the very first week. In this way, running for 10 minutes and jogging for 2 minutes will prepare your body for a greater work ahead.

But remember always warm up your body before the start of running as well as cool down after the end of running. Because these two activities are necessary for the preparation of the body to start the running.

4 Minutes of Jogging and 20 Minutes of Running (2nd & 3rd weeks)

For the second and third weeks, you should enhance the timing of your running. You should start your physical activity with 4 minutes of jogging and 20 minutes of running. This activity will decrease your weight to a large extent if you continue this up till 3rd week of running from the start.

So, here you have reached the third week of continuous running. And 20 minutes of running for the continuous 2 weeks has put enough burden on your body. And this thing further helps your body in burning calories from your body.

5 Minutes of Jogging and 30 Minutes of Running (4th-8th Week)

Here start the final stage of your running plan that is the 4th week. By completing this phase from the 4th to the 8th week you will enter into a permanent plan of running for 30 minutes until the loss of weight up to your desire.

This plan of running or running for 30 minutes can follow for an unlimited period. Because this is the perfect plan for running or jogging.

Furthermore, this is the ultimate plan of aerobatic exercise for weight loss, belly fat loss, and overall body weight loss.

How much should I run a week to lose weight?

This is one of the pertinent questions which comes to the mind of every running, jogging, and walking beginner.

There are three basic types of running for beginners. And these plans or tricks for beginners are very important to know. This plan is also a good running for weight loss beginners.

Firstly Base Run

This is a short to moderate length run which is done through routine pace. And it does not need any intense activity. You just need to walk in a natural way. For instance, 5 miles a day in your natural way.

Secondly Progression Run

This running plan is the next stage of the first one. This running plan starts with a slow walk and ends up with some fast running. It is a running of 2 miles with a fast run after a slow walk at the start.

Long and Intensive Run

This running plan is the final stage of your running. It starts with jogging and ends with intense running for 3 miles in days. This entire plan is also one of the best running plans for weight loss.

How to Start Running, for Beginners

For running beginners, there is a need to follow step by step tips. There is a number of questions which may arise in the minds of beginners, such as, running for weight loss plan, running at home for weight loss, how much should I run a week to lose weight, etc. these are the queries of the running beginners.  And we are going to address all the queries in the subsequent part of this article.

First we start with the bally fat:

Can You Lose Belly Fat by Running?

The short answer to the questions is, yes. Running certainly lose belly fat by putting a burden on your belly muscles. And this burden on belly fat burns calories. So, in this way, belly fat starts reducing its size in days.

For the purpose of burning the belly fat, you need proper attention. First of all, you need to start from a 6-week running plan to lose weight or an 8-week running plan for weight loss.

It is because these two plans are just the perfect for weight loss of your belly. Furthermore, these two plans are also suitable for burning fat from the entire body.

In a 6-week plan or 8-week plan, you can easily lose considerable weight. You just need to start from the small.

If your belly is full of fat. Then you should start running carefully. Because any negligence in running can lead you towards reshape of other body parts as well as joints pain.

Therefore, you should start with small work. And start running with 10 minutes of the running plan. For the first week, you should follow this 10 minutes running plan.

After this for the second week, you should enhance the minutes and start 20 minutes of running to lose weight.

After following the 20 minutes running plan for losing the fat of the belly. In this upcoming week, you should start running for 30 minutes a day.

So, this is the summit of your running plan for losing weight. By continuing this running plan for 2 months one can observe a considerable weight loss in his belly.

Does Running Help You Lose Weight?

The short and straightforward answer to this question is that yes, running helps you in burning your calories in different ways. if you really want to lose weight then there is nothing important than running. Because this is a non-medic treatment of your fat. You can lose considerable weight through this physical activity.

Just say bye to the obsolete method of weight loss i.e. empty claims and bogus weight-loss products. You just need consistency and belief in running.

Along with consistency, you need a calorie deficit diet. Because running with the combination of diet work in a better way to burn your calories.

Bottom Line

Running is one of the best physical activity that helps you in weight loss. It also improves the working of different systems of your body. So, running is the best cure for your overweight. One can adopt this aerobatic activity without any delay and during any age group.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a beginner run to lose weight?

Start with 10 minutes of jogging and running and lead towards 30 minutes of running for 2 months. And then follow this plan until you lose weight.

Can I lose weight by running 30 minutes a day?

Yes, 30 minutes a day running plan is the perfect period and plan to lose weight. According to the majority of the researcher 30 minutes a day and 5 weeks a day is the most suitable running plan for weight loss.

Will you lose weight if you start running?

Yes, running is a very interesting and fruitful aerobatic exercise that certainly helps you in consuming your calories.

How much should I run each day to lose weight?

Running 20 to 30 minutes a day after the initial jogging and walking will certainly help you in losing weight.

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