Running Techniques for Beginners

Running Techniques for Beginners

How to breathe? Time period for running. How to wear for running and jogging? These things are necessary for proper running

Start will Small Work

First of all, Running Techniques for Beginners are very much important. Therefore, for start of running, it is necessary to start with small work. Instead of running for hours and for entire work. Start your running with as, running for 10 minutes in the start, then running for 20 minutes and in the third stage, start running with 30 minutes.

Starting with small will keep your body active and smart. On the other side, sudden pressure and burden on your body may result in pain of body parts and other issues in your body.

So, always start your running exercise with small and smart work. In this way, gradually enhance the time period and intensity of your running exercise.

Make a Schedule

Plan making is very much important. Because it is famously said that failing to plan is planning to fail. So,there is need of making a schedule for start of running.

For beginners, they should start with small walking for 10 minutes to warm up the body, and then start running for five minutes.

After this, beginners should enhance the running time period and decrease the walking time period.

Moreover, for the first month the beginners should run for 5 days a week. In this way, beginners should start their running exercise.

In the second month, the beginners should enhance the time period according to his easiness and health. Such as 1 hour running exercise and 6 days a week.

Hydrate Your Body

The important thing for the beginners is that they should keep their body hydrate. It is because most of the running beginners keep the water drinking schedule as they are adopting before the running.

Therefore, Keep a water bottle with you for keeping your body hydrate.


In this platform you have learnt all about the Running Techniques for Beginners. It is very much necessary for all of us to start running after proper planning.

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