Why Earth Day is Important?

Why Earth Day is Important

On 22 April 2021, the world is going to celebrate “Earth Day”. The importance of this day is certain to all.

Moreover, with respect to the significance of this earth day, it is pertinent to mention here that the safety of the earth must be the top priority of all of us.

This earth or famously known as planet day was first celebrated on 22nd April 1970. Thus, a celebration of this important day matters a lot for the health of the people. Because this day was designated to celebrate. Because everyone knows that the health of the people is associated with the cleanliness of the planet earth.

How does Earth day is celebrated?

Moreover, the planet day is the sign of caring about our planet earth. Because climate change and global warming are the facts of the current world.

Every day, the people of the world intend to plant more trees. In addition, they also show a desire to restrict the consumption of carbon dioxide. Because the burning of fossil fuels results in the emission of greenhouse gases that are injurious to health.

So, on every 22nd of April, people switch off their lights for some moments in the night to show their seriousness and interest in the safety of planet earth.

Why earth day is associated with good health?

Furthermore, this planet day is strongly associated with the health of the people. Because pollution on earth and global warming are not good for any kind of health of the people.

Moreover, people with asthma and other such, air-related disease are more concerned about the clean and green earth. Because such people cannot survive in a dirty environment.

The ultimate purpose of celebrating this important day is to educate people regarding the importance of keeping the planet’s world neat and clean. as well as the importance of greenery in the modern global world.

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