Physical Distancing or Masks Wearing

Physical Distancing or Masks Wearing
Physical Distancing or Masks Wearing

Selecting between Two Measures

Recently, everyone is talking about Covid Vaccination and SOPs. In the current phenomenon of Covid-19 people are conscious about the prevention method of Coronavirus. It is because Coronavirus is one of the deadliest virus in human history.

Until know millions of people have been killed due to this novel disease. And still people are dying due to this disease. Although some states, such as America, Russia, England and China have discovered vaccine for the treatment of coronavirus. Instead of this making of vaccine the people of the globe are dying due to this disease.

Physical Distancing to Control Covid-19

In the start when coronavirus was newly spread from the Chinese state. The people were at crossroads regarding the prevention and detection of this deadly virus. Because this virus was new for this current world leaders as well as medicine world.

Furthermore, after some time the doctors and medicine sector started developing some techniques for the remedy of Covid-19 virus.

First of all, the doctors recommeneded Physcial distancing to control the rapidly spreading the corona virus from the socities. In this concern, they recommended a marginable distance i.e. from 6 feet to 10 feet to control the spreading of corona.

Until now this method of controlling and reducing the impacts of corona has been succeesed. But to comply this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is very difficult for the government officials.

Because in the daily life crowds are common. Moreover, people most of the time do not care about the maintaining the physical distancing. And this thing result in spreading of Covid-19 virus in all nook and corners of the country.

So, by and large the physical distancing as well as Corantine is considered as one of the best known way to control the spreading of Covid-19 virus.

Therefore, everyone of us should follow this SOP for the betterment of humanity. And to protect the people from this deadly disease.

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Is Mask Wearing a remedy for Corona Spread?

Secondly, mask wearing is also considered as one of the best techniques of methods to control the spreading of Coronavirus from the society.

By wearing the mask you can control the oxygen or air from the open spaces or crowds.

Therefore, this is the factor that all the governments are paying heed and asking their citizens to wear masks to control this deadly virus i.e. Covid-19.

Combination of Mask and Physical Distancing

Human Health Experts have explained that the combination of two i.e. wearing a mask and maintaining physical distancing is the ultimate remedy to control the spread of Covid-19.

So, this technique in the routine life will help the people to avoid from this disease. Moreover, people can also perform their routine duties by following this combination of two tactics to avoid Covid-19.

Bottom Line

In short, the combination of two SOPs of Corona, such as wearing a mask and keeping physical distance is the ultimate solution of controlling the Corona in the current scenario.

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